What is the Rapid Response Planning Process?

When your company faces a crisis, the employees must become united in coming up with a solution. The Crisis Response process allow companies to rapidly develop rational solutions to meet any sort of crisis, and is adapted from the United States Marine Corps’ Rapid Response Planning Process. When the Marines are faced with a crisis situation, they are required to develop and initiate a viable response plan within six hours of receiving the order. This process can be applied to all sorts of crises, not just terrorism and crime. (For example, a software bug which allowed customers’ private information to leak.) The coach has extensive experience with the process and makes it easy to comprehend.

The Marines are so proud of this process, they have even made a promotional video series:


This process is a hybrid of Japanese “amoeba” style management and global “matrix” style management. When an unforeseen crisis occurs, the company President outlines his/her goals and objectives, makes the same known throughout the organization, and unifies the employees. The entire company, regardless of normal organizational structure and job classifications, aligns itself to follow the direction of the designated project leader and support the project leader to the maximum extent possible. Each department and division develops its own support plan which is briefed in front of the President and departmental representatives from the entire company. Any lackadaisical plan will not survive this intense scrutiny and it becomes impossible to “hide behind paperwork.”


By periodically rehearsing this process, your company will be able to respond rapidly and rationally whenever faced with a crisis. Should a crisis occur, this process acts as a psychological “anchor” and precludes employees from panicking. Even though they might be shaken, there will be no doubt in their minds as to what needs to be done – develop a plan to counter the crisis – and they immediately start working towards that goal. By selecting realistic scenarios based on real world crises which your company may have to face, the rapid response plans derived in this training environment can be used as a base to create thoroughly researched and deliberately developed plans for use when required. Through this process, the company President is able to demonstrate his/her leadership skills in a safe training environment, ensure his/her thought processes and priorities are clearly understood by all employees, and thereby better align the company’s routine business operations with his/her ideals. This process can be applied not only to companies, but any organization with a top leader, project leader, and numerous employees/staff personnel. (e.g. government agencies, any specific department or division with a larger organization.)

Instructor’s experience

While assigned as Operations Officer onboard the Amphibious Platform/Dock Ship USS DULUTH (LPD-6) and the Amphibious Assault Ship USS BELLEAU WOOD (LHA-3), the instructor participated in the Rapid Response Planning Process several hundred times, not only for training evolutions but real-world situations as well. After retiring from the U.S. Navy, he earned a MBA through the University of Washington.


Programs will be tailored to meet each company’s needs. Realistic training scenarios based on crises likely to occur will be used. For the most effective training, solutions developed by your company’s employees should be used. To maintain a balance between effective training and safeguarding your company’s proprietary information, several options (including NDA’s) will be discussed. Please contact us for further information.


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