Recent Terrorism Trends

Looking at information promulgated by the governments of the U.S., U.K., Australia and Singapore, four trends become apparent.
1. The deterrent effect of military and police special forces has declined.
2. As a result, increased emphasis has been placed on the early detection of terrorist plots.
3. Early detection requires the cooperation of citizens and companies.
4. Citizens and companies tend to be blasé about anti-terrorism, prompting government agencies to appeal to the public by stressing the usefulness of anti-terrorism to counter crime as well.

Modern Terrorists

Modern terrorists operate under the assumption they will be killed by military or police forces. The objective therefore becomes to kill as many innocent victims as possible before dying in a fiery death. While it is practically impossible to completely thwart an attack conducted by someone intent on dying, it is possible to deflect such an attack.

What the terrorists fear the most is failing to achieve their objective. Therefore, they seek optimal conditions for success. Looking at of similar targets, provided there is no specific grudge against a specific company or person, they will select the target which offers the best chance of success. If there are two competing companies, Company A and Company B, in a given industry, and the terrorists reconnoiter both and decide Company A lacks security consciousness while Company B has a strong security culture, then almost always Company A will become the chosen target. If you are able to detect a terrorist plot and take appropriate countermeasures, then your company will be removed from the target list.

Make Your Company a "Hard Target"

To turn your company into a “hard target,” it is critical to comprehend then counter the similarities between the terrorist planning cycle and the criminal planning cycle.

To meet the needs of your company, we offer a wide range services, starting from a simple one hour presentation to a two-day seminar. We can also help develop the framework and foundation for a company’s tailored security manual.

Security Manual Framework and Foundation

Drawing from over 200 crisis management manuals published by government agencies in the U.S., U.K. and Australia, we will help your company create the framework and foundation of a company specific crisis management and counter terrorism manual.

These are seminar and manual proposals created in response to a request from a municipal government.


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